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7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Speed Recovery

If you are trying to live a healthier lifestyle, you will most like make significant changes to your daily activities. For the most part, you may decide to amp up your workout program to speed up the weight loss. Based on the program that you start, you may become an occasional runner or a gym fanatic. Whatever the case or situation, your body may take a beating every now and then. When this occurs, you may find that you should go into an immediate recovery process, and it may take several days to get rid of the soreness and the fatigue that normally comes along with many of today’s strenuous workouts. With that said, if you are one of those who want to know how to speed up this process, here are 7 Scientifically Proven Ways to Speed Recovery.

#1 – Getting Enough Sleep — Make Sure Your Mattress Accommodates Your New Lifestyle

Even though the relationship between getting proper rest and exercise is not exactly clear, many studies have shown that the lack of sleep can have a huge negative effect on both the performance and the recovery process. This is because sleep is considered to be the primary time for the body to rebuild itself. Therefore, when you have a mattress that allows you to rest well instead of tossing and turning in discomfort, you will have a better chance of sleeping longer, while also building longer endurance and stronger muscles.

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#2 – Eat Protein Before Going to Bed

When the body is repairing itself, it also looks for the proper nutrients. Unfortunately, all nutrients are not the same during the recovery process. In specific, because some foods tend to be much better for recovery than others. For instance, even though some people may say that some complex carbs provide the energy that is needed, some of the best foods that you can eat for a full recovery is a protein-rich snack. Protein-rich snacks are designed for going to the muscles to begin the repair process and it continues to work throughout the night.

#3 – Drink Lots of Water

Most people may not know that exercise can cause damage to the muscles if not done right. In particular, when people are exercising while they are dehydrated. It is during these times that the body needs the extra hydration to restore and replenish itself. So, you will need to put the water back by drinking a lot. In these cases, water is not only to assist in longer endurance but also to help facilitate the recovery process.

#4 – Get a Massage

Even though some people may think that messages are simply great for making the body feel good, getting a regular massage is meant for so much more. For instance, when someone gets a back rub or a leg rug, it helps to reduce the stiffness and the soreness and promotes better muscle repair. Therefore, if you want to schedule a regular massage, you are helping to facilitate and promote the recovery process.

#5 – Eat Protein Before the Workout

It is not uncommon for professional athletes to eat high protein diets. In fact, they may add peanut butter and high protein drinks to their diets on a regular basis. It is the high protein diets that help to trigger muscle synthesis as a building block of the tissue. Therefore, most health and medical professionals recommend high protein diets, especially for people who want to lose fat and build muscle to drop the pounds.

#6 – Take a Cold Bath

Even though taking a cold bath may appear to be a horrific thing to do and a form of punishment to ones body, there are so many great benefits to a good cold chilling bath or shower. In fact, after a good strenuous workout, a cold bath is considered to be a great aid to the body’s repair system and many trained professional athletes are aware of its benefits. This is because a full body plunge into a cold bath of water can help to reduce the inflammation in the muscles and the soreness that normally delays the healing process. Typically, a cold bath can help to speed up the recovery process greatly during those initial 24 hours. So, it is best to just go for it. Specifically, if you want to recovery quickly so that you can resume your exercise program to the max of your ability.

#7 – Incorporate Rowing in Your Regimen to Speed up the Recovery Process

Rowing is not only meant for losing weight, reducing stress, or building muscle stress, it is an exercise that does so much more. In fact, if you want an exercise that will help to facilitate the recovery process, you should add rowing as a staple for any regimen. This is because rowing helps to improve joint mobility and helps to minimize stiffness.

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