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Concept2 vs WaterRower

Concept2 vs WaterRower

Rowing is one of the greatest exercises that enhance aerobic fitness. Rowing machines allow individuals to develop cardiovascular as well as the muscular system. Compared to other exercise machines, rowing ergometers enable people to work out their upper and lower body simultaneously. Another advantage is that one gets an entire body aerobic workout from a single machine. Ergonomics have minimal risk to injuries or orthopedic trauma.

Many people are faced with a dilemma when selecting between the concept2 and the WaterRower. Which is the best rowing machine. Here is a comparison of the concept2 and the WaterRower.


Both the WaterRower and the concept2 are designed to last. you can use them regularly for over 10 years and it still performs like it did when they first bought the unit.


Concept2 have a good reputation with regards to durability and prolonged life. Many individuals will opt for a machine that can withstand pressure from usage or excessive use. The WaterRower is also famous for its durability and design. The design of both devices allows them to be used at athletic clubs. The concept2 will probably last many years if utilized by an individual or a family.

The producing companies of both products have a good reputation. The reputation is imperative because the machines are built with moving parts that are subject to wear over time. Both devices are equipped with an elastic strap for recoil, and that is prone to lose elasticity with time. Such parts should be designed such that the user easily services them. Both products have done well to ensure their products are user serviceable. The manufacturers of the concept2 ensure that the parts of each model they have ever built are available. This covers even the first model they designed in 1981. WaterRower has posted they parts online. Everyone desires a rower that will be supported for many years and not one that needs disposal once a part fails.

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Air versus water

This is the fundamental difference between the two machines. As their name suggest, the water rower rows water while the concept2 is an air rower. Both machines provide adjustable levels of resistance to suit any person’s strength.


The concept2 requires less time to assemble compared to the WaterRower. You only need to snap the rail into the head unit and the machine is ready to use. The water rower might take longer to assemble. However assembly time is a negligible factor because it is done once and rowing will continue for decades. For the WaterRower construction, ensure to read the instructions keenly and check the tank does not leak when upright.


The WaterRower is designed to be stored vertically. The design of the water tank makes it easy to lift the back end, and the wheels are made to allow natural movement. The concept2 is not stored vertically. However, for vertical storage of the concept2, the rail must be disengaged from the head unit. The concept2 occupies double the space occupied by the WaterRower when stored in the vertical position. Ideally, the concept2 risks falling and damage if stored vertically. This can happen when a child or any other person accidentally knocks it.


Both rowers are appealing in their own manner. However, most people tend to consider the design of the WaterRower more appealing than that of the concept2. The even rectangular lines and the beautiful wood finish of the WaterRower improve its aesthetic beauty. The water tank symmetrical placement of the water tank is perfect. The concept2 is designed with uneven triangles through the body with an asymmetrical head unit.


Space requirement

The concept2 is nonetheless beautiful to some people. It is intended to be useful and practical rather than have an attractive layout. However, the concept2 produces a lot of noise during operation. This means that it cannot be stored in a room that is shared by other family members, visitors, or individuals that do not row. The WaterRower is relatively quiet, and the only noise is produced from the sloshing water in the water tank. People will consider storage when opting for the concept2. The rower needs a big space for storage. The WaterRower requires much less room than the concept2.


The concept2 model D comes with a PM5 monitor at the price of $945. Without a monitor, the WaterRower costs about $1,000 and & about $1,200 with the S4 monitor. Both machines are reasonably priced, but Waterrower is generally slightly more expensive than the Concept 2 by a few hundred dollars. The difference in cost is relatively negligible considering the duration of rowing using any of the machines. The price should not be critical; rather the features are the most important.


The PM5 is the default monitor for the concept2 Model D rower. The amazing thing is the monitor automatically calibrates for drag in real time. Therefore you can use any concept2 rower and get an accurate, calibrated score of your performance. The PM5 monitor is equipped with various readout capabilities including real-time stroke analysis.


The two rowers have a slight difference in ergonomics. The concept2 has a forward tilted rail while the rail of the WaterRower is flat. The difference is hardly significant for healthy individuals. However, Preference for the WaterRower is observed in people with chronic knee conditions. The WaterRower creates minimal compression on the knees at the end of recovery.

The seat and handle of the WaterRower are soft. Customers may need to purchase a seat pad at an extra cost to attain a soft seat on the concept2. The handle of the concept2 may cause blisters in your hands for the first few days. This will disappear as your hands adjust and toughen.

The concept2 has heel rests that are favorable for barefoot rowing. The design does not, however, hinder rowing in shoes. The heel rest provided by the WaterRower are not comfortable for barefoot rowing. Users require being in shoes to row.

There is a variation on how the seats of the machines align the lower back. The seats of the concept2 are slightly tilted forward facilitating an upright posture. The seat of the WaterRower is slightly tilted backward to make the back lean easier at the end of the backstroke.


I think if you like to row in real life, or you are a comptitive rowing athlete, then the Concept 2 is a better option for you. This is especially true if this machine is to be placed in a boathouse or a garage gym where the additional noise is not a factor.

If you are not an actual competitive rowing athlete and do not care so much about fully accurate readouts for your land rower, and/or if this is to be used in an in-home gym and/or another room inside your home (espcially in areas where sound and vertical storage is a relevant issue, as we claimed. Water rower is more quiet than Concept 2), then I would go with the waterrower.

Both concept2 and the WaterRower are great; individuals need to choose depending on preference and medical condition where applicable.

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